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WealthyPlanet is Hiring- Here's our Model for Post-Pandemic Employment

clock Aug 31, 2021

First things first: WealthyPlanet is hiring! As an emerging FinTech company, we offer exciting and filling careers to help clients plan for their future.  We also offer work-life balance through our use of technology, the flexibility of four-day workweeks, and other perks like a month of vacation.

We are on a mission to help everyday people have proper strategic online financial plans to eliminate debt, build wealth, and plan for priorities.  We’re hungry for new talent from across the country to join our team. We need Money Coaches, our financial planning experts that work with and educate our clients,  in addition to marketers and developers. View all open positions on our careers page.

With that out of the way, what does working at WealthyPlanet look like? How have we adapted to a post-pandemic world that proved the effectiveness of virtual and hybrid offices?

WealthyPlanet Embraces the Virtual Office

To start with, we have embraced virtual technology, and have long since moved past the concept of spending five days a week commuting to and from the office. Our staff have successfully worked from Europe, Costa Rica, and different parts of Canada, either as part of an extended vacation or moving and taking their jobs with them. We are proud to hire the best talent no matter where they live, from Eric Polo (Chief Operations Officer) and Marija Stevanovic (Head of Human Resources) in Vancouver and Aaron Hamilton (co-founder and Head of Engineering) in Wyoming to the rest of the team in Ontario.

Like you, we used the last year and a half to hone our skills in how to effectively work from home, how to build teams and camaraderie no matter how far away we are from one another. We understand that the notion of a rigid, 9-to-5 schedule in the office has lost its appeal, and we strive to make the virtual office as healthy and productive as possible.

Dan Price, Founder of Gravity Payments, a successful Seattle based financial services company, recently said:

“Remote work has helped end ‘fake busy’. At home, if you have 6 hours of work, you can just do it and move on. At the office, you have to do the work then act busy for 2 more hours. Now we can fully judge employees by results, not appearances. Good for employees, good for companies.” 

Just like many of us prefer streaming movies at home with family and friends over going to a theatre with strangers and overpriced popcorn, many of the post-pandemic workforce now prefer working from home also. This is just one reason why WealthyPlanet has embraced a fully remote working environment for those that wish to take advantage of it.

Virtual Client Experience

This ethos extends to our client experience as well, with a virtual-first philosophy that places communication technology at the core of what we do. Our industry-leading financial planning platform features built-in video call functionality to provide proper and holistic financial plans and learning to clients. Features include:

  • Virtual video conferences with a non-commissioned Money Coach aligned with your objectives and not a product they are selling.

  • Visualization of your holistic plan and long-term goals so you can view future performance and optimize.

  • Real-time questions and answers and financial plan suggestions from your expert and licenced Money Coach.

Prefer Coming to the Office? No Problem!

At the same time, we appreciate that not everyone wants to be fully virtual. Many employees preference a hybrid approach with regular hours in the office, or attending in person for key meetings. That’s why we plan to establish physical headquarters in Burlington, Ontario, for those who thrive off the physical workspace and synergies that occur at the proverbial water cooler. Google Meet may not be going away any time soon, but for some people there’s nothing like true face-to-face communication. Our office will address that need and give the social butterflies on our team a place to congregate and also to learn from each other.

Additional Perks

WealthyPlanet knows that happy employees need more than the option to work from home. That’s why we’re proud to offer a four-day flexible work week and 20 days of annual paid vacation: we believe in a healthy work-life balance, and will do what we can to help our members of our team achieve it.

If you’re interested in working with WealthyPlanet and being a part of our team, click below to see our postings! Marija our Head of HR  looks forward to hearing from you, no matter where in Canada you’re applying from. And check back often to see our latest postings!


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