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Moms Should Know About Risk Tolerance and Tax When Investing

Moms want to make sure their family’s financial health today and in the future are well taken care of. This means having a priorities-based financial plan and understanding some of the basic elements of smart investing. Knowing your own risk tolerance, the impact taxes can have on your portfolio, and developing a regular saving discipline are key elements to achieve long term...

Financial Advisors are Failing Moms, so Moms Should Take Charge!

Financial Services companies still have a long way to go to provide the best customer experience and financial planning help according to a recent survey of Ontario Moms. Moms working with financial advisors at wealth management firms, banks, and insurance companies are generally not the happiest consumers. These are the outcomes from a recent survey of more than 250 Ontario...

5 Financial Planning Tips for Moms Worried About Finances

Moms are currently struggling with financial worries, but they should be more worried about their financial planning practices. These are some of the outcomes we found from a recent survey of more than 250 Ontario Moms, members of Movies for Mommies (MFM), a national social community for new parents.